Photo of Laurel County Horticulture Agent Bonnie Sigmon

Bonnie Sigmon

Extension Agent for Horticulture

Bonnie Sigmon was a treasure to our community. She was knowledgeable of every molecule in the soil that grew her crops and pastures, of the health and wellbeing of the largest animal on her farm, and everything in between.  Her ability to translate that knowledge to terms we average folks could understand, along with her kindness and passion for her work, made her a treasure to our community. A treasure that was lost to Heaven and can never be replaced. Her signature:


Farmers are found in fields,

         plowing up, seeding down, rotating from,

planting to, fertilizing with, spraying for, and harvesting.


          Wives help them, little girls follow them,

        the Agriculture Department confuses them,

city relatives visit them, salesmen detain them and

         wait for them, weather can delay them,

              but it takes heaven to stop them.



It can be added after the line “little girls follow them” – little girls grow up to be the best of them.


The University of Kentucky Department of Horticulture conducts research, offers graduate and undergraduate programs of study, and delivers research-based technology and information to the nursery and landscape, vegetable, fruit, and floriculture industries, and to the general public through the Cooperative Extension Service. The Department of Horticulture emphasizes sustainable systems. Its mission is to discover new knowledge, develop and evaluate new technologies and appropriate use of environmental resources for horticultural crop production and utilization, and deliver information to horticultural clientele for improving the quality of life in Kentucky, the United States, and the world.


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Invitation to participate in weekly horticulture webinar events

The University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service is offering free “Horticulture Webinar Wednesdays” on a number of topics. Participants will glean the information they will need as the days grow longer and they spend more time “social distancing” outside in their gardens.

UK specialists and extension agents will lead the 15- to 20-minute weekly sessions, using the online, social conferencing platform Zoom.

Each week, participants will be invited to explore subjects that include small fruit production, beekeeping, vegetable gardening, lawn care and more.

Sign in for the webinars at Participants will be prompted to install Zoom if they haven’t already done it. When asked for an identification number, sign in as a guest. Anyone can join a session, no matter where in the state they reside. Each webinar is limited to 300 people. The zoom link can also be found at